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Click here to learn more about Saturdays By the Bay 2014! Join us for our current session, or join us for our Summer Session beginning June 7, 2014. Rolling Admission

Click here to learn about our new 5 day a week program: Connections: Nature in the City at the City of Miami's Historic Lummus Park. Starting August 18, 2014.

Historic Wagner Homestead at Lummus Park

Click here to learn about our newest weekday program, Connections: Nature in South Miami at J.R.E Lee Educational Center Starting August 18, 2014. 

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Nature Link’s mission is to bring greater sensitivity and attention, creativity and resources to enhance the lives of young adults with disabilities. By connecting young adults to the natural world through organic gardening, habitat restoration, exercise and healthy habits, through community events and by reawakening an awareness of the beauties of nature and the expressive arts, we help unlock the creative powers in the participants and in all of us.




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As a non-profit, we rely on grants, donations and volunteers to provide our services. Consider giving your time as a volunteer working in our organic garden, helping in the kitchen or lending your expertise. If you can't give time, we will happily receive a donation of any amount you feel you can give.




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Nature Links for Lifelong Learning

Life Skills

Nature Links seeks to enhance the lives of young adults (22-30) through interaction with the natural world. We link the public to a broader understanding of the abilities and the challenges faced by young people with disabilities. We also help local institutions with exhibits and programs that can better speak to people with disabilities. We enhance independent life skills, reading, math, travel training, money skills and a sense of entrepreneurialism for those we serve. In linking participants through local trips and fun activities we empower young adults with a positive view of their futures and a belief in themselves. By promoting wellness and a healthier approach to life we can help our participants to become environmental stewards.

Job Readiness

We provide paths toward employment and the possibility of forging new businesses - from the culinary arts, nutrition, and an awareness of the cultural variety of food to continuing education in fields such as weather,marine, and animal studies, civics, local history, and ecology. In valuing each other’s unique abilities and our civil rights, we forge paths that link each and all of us. Nature Links connects participants to the larger world through public transportation training, story-telling, interest in news and worldaffairs; by creating video segments for the web to appeal to broad audiences; by learning about the functions of government and the meaning of citizenship.


What People Say

  • "Nature Links has a challenging mission that can stimulate broad educational goals. It can help instill an important sense of environmental stewardship, holistic health and community well being through its unique focus on job training and continuing education."

    - Marc Sarnoff- Commissioner, City of Miami

  • "Every child deserves the right to reach his or her potential. Nature Links is established in that manner."

    - David Lawrence Jr. - The Early Childhood Initiative Foundation

  • "The commitment made by Miami Dade College through its new Miami Culinary Institute program should be a major factor in the success of your newest program."

    - Ken Marquard, Ph.D., Director, The MEED program, Miami Dade College, Facilitator, The Association of Agencies (AOA)

  • "This program fills a void in the developmental trajectories of young adults with developmental challenges. An investment in this program can help families and save money to individuals, the city and the state."
    - Isaac Prilletensky Dean and Professor, University of Miami, School of Education & Human Development

  • "The goals of Nature Links are entirely consistent with our mission,and we are thrilled to support Nature Links' efforts to improve opportunities for young adults with developmental disabilities."

    - Daniel Armstrong, phD, Professor and Executive Vice Chair, Department of Pediatrics, Director, Mailman Center for Child Development